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Friends of Berewa: The Photos

As promised, we bring you some photos of the Friends of Berewa event held recently in London.The various speakers at the event at which a donation was (...)

| October 2006 | 41084 views

PMDC Interim Leader to Tour the US.

Charles Margai(photo), the interim leader of one of Sierra Leone’s youngest political parties the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC)will tour the (...)

by Gibril Koroma | October 2006 | 717 views

SLPP Lauds Friends of Berewa

The Friends of Berewa in the United Kingdom recently had a fund raising event in honour of the Vice President at a hotel in London. Vice President Berewa (...)

| October 2006 | 437 views

APC Shocks the Nation on Daramy Issue

The main opposition party in Sierra Leone, the All People’s Congress (APC) took many people in and out of the country completely by surprise on Tuesday when (...)

by Gibril Koroma | October 2006 | 726 views

Sierra Leone: The Running Mate Wahala

Commentary By Andrew Keili Speculation is rife about the running mate for each of the political parties. The position of Vice President could be (...)

| October 2006 | 542 views

Sierra Leone: DC Causes Row

The new measure on dual citizenship has been received with mixed feelings by Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad as the report below illustrates.Perhaps now (...)

by Gibril Koroma | October 2006 | 749 views

Grand UK Fundraiser for Berewa

By Ansu Momoh. His Excellency the Vice-President and presidential flag bearer of the ruling SLPP, Solomon Ekuma Berewa will make a show stealing (...)

| September 2006 | 411 views

"We Are Cleaning Freetown"----Berewa

By Saidu Bangura, Atlanta, Georgia. At a well attended dinner and town hall meeting in Atlanta vice president Solomon Berewa started his address by (...)

| September 2006 | 539 views

Berewa Continues Tour

By Our Correspondent In what could be described as his most appreciated message for Sierra Leoneans in North America so far, Vice President Solomon (...)

| September 2006 | 374 views

Berewa’s North America Media Blitz

By Our Correspondent After what some people have described as a very unimpressive performance in London recently,the Vice President of Sierra Leone and (...)

| September 2006 | 500 views

Tegloma Scholarship Awards


| September 2006 | 7453 views