Congratulating PMDCians and the People of Sierra Leone

16 August 2007 at 05:54 | 1800 views

By Karamoh Kabba

Elections on Saturday, August 11, in Sierra Leone were satisfactory: There was a large turnout of citizens to vote, an indication that we are more than ever committed and determined to make our violent past good only for historians and history books.

Apart from isolated skirmishes in a few polling stations, the elections were generally free of violence according to some PMDC officials on the ground. Those doomsday pessimists who have been peddling wrong information that the PMDC was instigating violence have been disappointed by the outcome. The fact is, we are pleased that no one is capable of instigating violence in Sierra Leone-not anymore-now that we a very conscious society.

Meanwhile, election observers have declared Sierra Leone’s elections as one of the most peaceful in Africa. The elections have also been contrasted to recent elections in the West Africa region, including that of Nigeria that was pockmarked by election violence and rigging. Before that, a local tabloid in Sierra Leone commended the PMDC for its peaceful final elections rally amidst fear from even the IG that PMDC was threatening violence. We are very pleased with the violence free nature of the elections. We are looking forward to accurate poll counting, tallying and reporting from NEC.

We are also proud to inform our supporters and the world that the PMDC performed way beyond expectations. It is victory for the party and the people of Sierra Leone. Rome was not built in a day: And, we do not expect to run a country in the short notice of preparation upon reacting to the bad SLPP convention electioneering a little over a year ago. However, we have succeeded in providing a powerful opposition that will ensure that the ruling party does not get a field day at bad law making in parliament.

Therefore, we have declared victory based on such an outstanding performance in gaining seats in a little over a year of preparation. We are surely going to be well positioned to win both Parliamentary and Presidential elections in 2012.

We congratulate all our hard working officials in Sierra Leone and those that joined them from the diaspora for a job well done. We congratulate Charles Margai for providing for the people of Sierra Leone an alternative to SLPP and APC. We pray that the Almighty God help our new parliamentarians with law-making wisdom. We pray that He gives our Executive will power for law-enforcement. We pray that our law-enforcement officers commit to heart fundamental human rights in doing their job. We congratulate all our supporters and encourage them to increase the level of the Positive Change flame in them more than ever before.

We are hell bent on staying together, attracting more members, reorganizing and restructuring in the next five years. We have five times the time we had for that next time.

Karamoh Kabba

Media & Comm.-PMDC