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2018 elections in Sierra Leone: The KKY factor

7 February 2018 at 17:08 | 4991 views


By Dr. Yahya Kaloko, USA

Gleaning over our party’s obsession to oust KKY from the March 2018 Elections have always left me with mixed feelings. I personally feel the strategy especially so far has proven not only ineffective but counter-productive as well. It has so far created a semblance of catastrophe along our party’s ranks.

As we move towards the finish line in a month’s time, I wish we (members of the ruling APC) can just shelve this strategy and concentrate on campaigning harder using our party’s past record, and what more we hope to do in the next five years. We have the ability to create and use more potent propaganda against the opposition, unlike the current strategy so far that has only helped to elevate KKY, creating sympathies on his behalf in some circles.

But two cataclysmic scenarios our party may not be anticipating in final arguments against KKY’s candidacy are as follows:

1. If KKY survives the legal hurdles he will end up being more popular than before, with a greater election momentum towards the finish line than any other party.

2. A loss in the Supreme Court may end up mobilizing more supporters crossing over to other opposition parties, a punishing vote against our party, or it may create voter apathy within some of our party’s strongholds.

Either scenario may not be helpful for our party’s chances to win especially in an election like never before.

Let me take this opportunity once more to raise the alarm that this election, so far, is not proving to be a slam dunk as some are portraying it to be. Our party has more work to do to win this election. We have to reflect optimism, and feel good moments. But make no mistake, there are certain fundamentals within the electorate that need to be tacked head on. Continuing legal action against KKY in less than a month to the elections may not prove to be a winning strategy. I hope we can analyze these situations more thoroughly than blaming others as not towing the line. We are all in this to win. At the same time we need to be more analytic with the ensuing data.