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Witness One African Child’s Exploits Dealing with Cultural Conflicts

21 March 2009 at 07:03 | 696 views

New Book offers readers an odyssey through a maze of raw African tribal beliefs, customs and practices

Rochester, NY - (Release Date TBD) - Since ancient times, Africa has played a major role in world history and cultural heritage. It is rich with extensive cultural norms, important historical events and notable leaders. In the new book It Took a Broken Leg: To go to School, authored by Dr. Hamid Charm, an engaging tale about cultural conflicts and social survival in Africa is set to begin.

It Took a Broken Leg follows the life and fortunes of Mawudor, a young, brilliant, and talented boy born to an ultraconservative Muslim father. Mawudor was born at a time when Western education was making headway into the town of Dubayabia. His father, Mordibor, a Tukulor and devout Muslim, had serious concerns about Western education as well as traditional African practices such as secret societies. He did not want his sons to be ‘infested’ with the baneful influence of either foreign culture or African secret societies. For him, Western education meant the dissolution of the Tukulor culture and language.

The novel explores the immense struggles, aspirations, and fears of both individuals and community when cultures come in contact. It examines the nature of the relationship between Islam and traditional African religion/practices, and between Western education and African cultural practices. It also advances the view that cultural mutual respect is the healthy way to cultural co-existence. It is in defense of an authentic African cultural identity existing side by side with other cultures without being denigrated.

This is a story worth reading especially at a time when the pressure is on Africa to show what it owns, and what it can contribute to the global cultural calabash. For more information, please visit or call (888) 795-4274 today.

About the Author

Dr. Alhaji Hamid Charm was born in 1945 in Kambia Town in Sierra Leone, West Africa. After completing his Elementary and Secondary education in Kambia, he gained admission to Njala University College, a constituent college of the University of Sierra Leone in 1967. Upon graduating in 1971, Dr. Charm took a teaching appointment at his Alma Mater, Kolenten Secondary School Kambia where he taught Geography, English Language, Literature in English, and also formed the school’s first drama group, the Kolenten Drama Group that staged his popularly acclaimed play, Dance of the Witches a social satire. In 1974, Dr. Charm left Kolenten and took up appointment as Principal of the National Commercial Secondary School in Magburaka in Sierra Leone. Dr. Charm and his family now live in Rochester, New York where he works.

It Took A Broken Leg * by Dr. Hamid Charm

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