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Welcoming APC-Canada chairman Sean Samura and others to Montreal, Quebec

13 August 2017 at 22:57 | 4595 views

Comrades of the APC Canada Branch,

On the 19th of August, 2017, the APC Quebec Chapter will be receiving the Honourable Chairman and Leader of the APC Canada Branch, Comrade Sean Samura (photo) and the members of the APC in Ontario when they visit our great province of Quebec.

Our APC Quebec Chapter has decided to organize a welcome ceremony and BBQ Party for our guests. We are welcoming also representatives of the APC Canada Branch Women’s Wing in the Ontario Province, led by Deputy Women’s Leader, Madam Mariatu K Bangura.

As a show of appreciation for the remarkable work and distinguished service of the Chairman of a APC Canada Branch, the Quebec Chapter, under the Leadership of Comrade Bob, Kanu will be doing the traditional welcoming courtesies.

We are also welcoming APC-Canada Publicity Secretary comrade Gibril Gbanabome Koroma, Veteran Officer, Comrade Sheriff Sesay and his wife, Madam Janet Sesay who is a member of the APC Canada Branch Advisory Committee.

Additional members of this group include co-opted Executive, Madam Ola Kabia, the Women’s Wing Coordinator of Ontario Madam Mabel Sankoh and the Director of International Affairs, Madam Marie Turay.

We have also made prior arrangements for hotels for guests and home-made breakfast will be served. All logistical arrangements are in the hands of the Treasurer of APC Canada Branch, Comrade Modibo Lymon, the Director of International Affairs, Comrade Abubakarr Marah and the Women’s Leader of the APC Quebec Chapter, Madam Aminata Domba.

On behalf of the President of the APC Quebec Chapter, We welcome you all to the great city of Montreal, Quebec and we wish you a safe journey.



Ibrahim Badamasi Kamara, APC Quebec Chapter, Secretary General of the APC Canada Branch.

Gibril Gbanabome Koroma, APC-Canada Publicity Secretary

Marie Turay, APC-Canada Director of International Affairs

Agnes Ola Kabia

Member, APC-Canada executive