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Welcome to Yakoyo, a family owned Restaurant.

3 July 2009 at 07:03 | 1243 views

Welcome to Yakoyo, a family owned Restaurant in Burnaby, Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

The name "Yakoyo" means satisfaction and enjoyment of great food. Our Food is prepared with integrity and include things like unprocessed, seasonal, sustainable, nutritious, naturally raised, added hormone free ingredients, and since embracing this philosophy, it’s had tremendous impact on how we run our kitchen and our businesses. It’s led us to serve more naturally raised meat than any other restaurant in the country.

It has even influenced the way we view other aspects of our business, from the materials and systems we use to design and build our kitchen, to our staffing and training programs. Exotic spice blends, enticing sauces, highly nutritious, unique and delicious cuisine, are prepared with the finest imported spices. For those who enjoy beef, goat or poultry, Yakoyo is the place to eat.

We like the food we serve today. With our philosophy of integrity and dignity, we’re confident that we all will like it even more down the road.

Menu Overview

Pepper soup

Blend of tasty non oily west Africa seasoning & spices with mint and coriander served with choices of fish, chicken or goat meat


Goat head prepared with African seasoning and spices


Cow leg prepared with African seasoning and spices


Char grilled beef or chicken served with onions & dry Suicidal African Spices

Meat pie

Seasoned minced beef baked in delicious flour base

Egg roll

Boiled egg wrapped in a flour mix


Flour mixed with, butter and sugar rolled & fried

Moi-moi (Bean Cake)

Steamed bean cake with egg & corned beef


Rice served with fish, chicken, goat-meat or assorted meat

White rice with fried stew

Jollof rice

Rice cooked in seasoned tomatoe sauce

Fried rice

Rice cooked with shrimp / chicken in chinese style or with veggies in Nigerian style
Yakoyo pasta

Pasta in delicious spices with Smoked Turkey / Shrimp

Beans & Dodo (Fried plantain)

Black eye peas cooked with palm oil served with fried plantain

Yam & Stew / egg

Boiled and served with omelet or fried yam cutlets with tomato stew

Dodo & egg

Fried plantain served with egg fried with tomato & pepper

Asaro (Yam-porridge)

Yam-Porridge in Red non Spicy Yakoyo Sauce & dry fish


Freshly baked or fried fish with spicy or mild sauce



Mashed white yam flour

Eba / Garri

Mashed Cassava grain


Mashed brown yam flour


Mashed potato flour
served with choice of soup, meat, fish or chickent

Ogbona soup

West Africa seed blended & seasoned with palm oil & crayfish

Egusi soup

Melon seeds mixed with spinach or bitter leaf

Oha soup

spinach with west Africa spices

Ofe olubu soup

West African seeds mixed with bitter leaf

White soup West Africa seed blended & seasoned with okra & assorted meat

Yakoyo Restaurant & Rentals.

7677 – 6th Street

Burnaby BC V3N 3M8

Telephone: (604) 779 8074

Fax: (604) 288 7926


Top photos: Yinka and her husband Ademola, proud owners of Yakoyo restaurant.