Wake up, Puawui!

10 January 2008 at 22:42 | 835 views

By Moses Moses, Texas, USA.

It is unfortunate that some people we once respected when we were kids in our society are fools, cowards, a disgrace, and above all idiots. That’s why a country like Sierra Leone has always been behind countries like even small Gambia.

It is with regret that I read from Puawui in a Freetown newspaper an article titled “Like Freetown like Nairobi: A Tale of Two Cities” in which he was comparing the Sierra Leonean election to that of the Kenyan one. It’s really a pity. The old man started by saying that the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) was in the lead but later the incumbent took over the lead in a suspicious manner. If I may ask Puawui, in the August 11 and September 8, 2007 elections was there any time that SLPP was in the lead?

Lastly, the old man then went on and said “European Union is demanding that the results of the Presidential race be published polling station by polling station” and he asserted that “this is what the SLPP have been after Christiana Thorpe.”

Old man, I have been reading all your articles since you guys lost the elections woefully which, up till now most of you cannot come to terms with. But I thought you were just doing it because of the change of job from medical doctor to journalist but it seems like you are really frustrated and maybe losing it.

But please if you are going bananas leave Sierra Leone out of this because the country is for all of us, not family business. And for once after the war something good like this has happened and we have become the envy of many, not only in the sub-region but the world as a whole.

Poppay, it’s high time you went to bed. It’s because of your deafness and sleeping habit(somnabulism) that you were kicked out of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by those you call your own because you were sleeping too much. Wherever you went you were just sleeping.

Good Night Puawui.

Photo:Dr.Sama Banya(Puawui).