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Tribute to the late Florence Bangura by APC NSG Alhaji Osman Yansaneh

16 September 2015 at 10:11 | 1433 views

The following is glowing tribute from the National Secretary General of the ruling APC party in Sierra Leone Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh to the late President of the Washington DC branch of the APC, Mrs. Florence Bangura, who was led to rest in Virginia last Saturday.

I feel emotionally constrained to deliver a tribute to a woman who, in her own unique style, contributed meaningfully to the All Peoples Party’s overall success nationally and internationally.

In recognition of her dedicated and highly appreciated devotion to the party, Mrs. Florence Mariatu Bangura was by wide acclaim appointed to the much coveted position of Assistant Women’s Leader of our beloved party in the Washington Metropolitan Chapter in 2010. As destiny would have it, she was unanimously endorsed to occupy the position of Women’s Leader in 2011 when a vacancy arose. This decision was based on her proven leadership skills, her vibrancy and organizational ability.

In that position, Florence galvanized the Sierra Leonean women of the Washington DC area to participate in politics. She canvassed friends, church and family members to join the APC Washington Metropolitan Chapter in particular and the then North America branch as a whole.

This was unprecedented as hundreds of women joined the party because she was a woman of substance with vision and integrity. It was her high energy, kindness and cajoling attitude that helped her succeed in her leadership role. When she led, others followed because of the love, respect, and trust that people had for her. She was a committed and effective leader and a role model to many, a tireless fighter and a fierce advocate for the APC party. Her unflinching support for the APC party was unquestionable.

Florence would counter and fight anyone who was seen opposing the APC party. She was also one of the key financial contributors to the APC Washington Metropolitan Chapter and loved to play the advocate often giving advice on critical and sensitive issues. She would work hard and would succeed at whatever task she was presented with because of her impeccable character. She was dedicated to all of her roles as a Women’s Leader, a mother, a wife and a Church Chairlady in one of the biggest Sierra Leone churches in the Washington Metropolitan area. She excelled in all aspects of her life.

Although she has passed away, the Women’s Congress highly recognized and appreciate her role in promoting the welfare of women in the party and encouraging other sectors to accept women as key players in the political landscape. Therefore, the party will initiate measures to develop a framework which will give special recognition of her role and operational significance.

Florence, a true comrade, will be greatly missed by the party in America and Sierra Leone. She never will, never be forgotten as she touched and changed the lives of many people. She taught us to love and pray for each other.

She was a fervent prayer warrior who would always begin a conversation with a prayer and would end it with a prayer. The vacuum she has left cannot be filled in a hurry.

On behalf of His Excellency the Chairman and Leader, the National Advisory Committee (NAC).the rank and file of the Party, I implore the family not to cry as people without faith. We have lost not only a daughter, but a trusted and committed member.

Ambassador Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh, National Secretary General, APC.