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Toronto: Sierra Leone Centre now open

8 May 2017 at 10:33 | 1886 views

The Sierra Leone Union of Ontario (Umbrella) has established the Sierra Leone Centre, a place where the Union provides resources and services to Sierra Leoneans and other individuals in the broader Community.

For more information, please contact Sierra Leone Centre /Sierra Leone Union of Ontario (Umbrella)

1949 Weston Rd, Suite 202
York (Toronto), ON M9N1W8
Tel: 416-564-8390


1. To provide a place for meetings & other activities
2. To provide support to Sierra Leoneans, the Sierra Leonean Community & other individuals in the broader community
3. To provide information about Sierra Leone to people who want to learn about Sierra Leone or wish to visit Sierra Leone
4. To promote Sierra Leonean history & culture by offering collection of books, artifacts, & other materials about Sierra Leone

Programs and services at the Sierra Leone Centre of Toronto, Canada:

- Access to computers
- Homework Assistance Program & Other kids & youth programs
- Women’s support program
- Family Support Services
- Heritage Program
- Translation & Interpreting Services
- Information & Referrals