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Rufaa Launches Track Solution

24 January 2006 at 02:44 | 504 views

Press Release

NY, January 21, 2006 - leading provider of value-driven business intelligence solutions, today announced the pre-launching of rufaatrack, a fully integrated web based tracking solution dedicated to freight forwarders.

“flexibility and reliability are the most important issues for our customers, rufaatrack will allow us address those concerns and help forwarders to improve their overall customer service,” said Pasquale Goder, Chief Rufaa Officer “ Our tracking tools will help the small and medium size freight forwarders go far beyond the already established Door-to-Door with a smart touch”

Rufaatrack is a service built for experts; the pre-launch is to let our future customers know that they will be able to provide this long awaited service to their clients shortly and to prepare for it.

Learn more and register on rufaa track :

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