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Quicksand Swept John

10 March 2008 at 22:29 | 825 views

Quicksand Swept John

By Roland Bankole Marke

Quicksand swept John like tsunami off our grip,

Without him saying farewell: our gifted brother,

Of superior mind. French like Italian he chewed

Like roasted peanuts from Sierra Leone. His love

And thirst for education or humanity, became his

Insatiable quest. Like the whirlwind, death took

Him prematurely so soon: while our misery was

Death’s muse. The efficacy as gluttony marred in

Selfishness shredded families apart. Momentarily,

Poisoned arrow will be nipped in the bud. As the

Lagoon that divides us would merge into footpath.

He was a gallant and resilient Sierra Leonean, who

Passionately carried the torch of emancipation and

Freedom, upon Mount Aureol to the west, sharing

His sweet luster: illuminating global cerebral blinders.

Dedicated to the late Professor John Conteh Morgan(photo).

Roland Bankole Marke © 2008