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Poetry-Without a King

23 May 2009 at 05:16 | 853 views

Without a King

By Abayomi Charles Roberts, Edmonton, Canada.

Without a King

Sullenly, the kingmakers return
For once they are empty-handed
So the hearts of subjects will burn
Far worse, they are shorthanded
Without a king
Trees bend to the force of breeze
Like pages in court bow to Regis
It�s so cold, words of praise freeze
Regina is missing a man’s aegis
Without a king
Now, the aging sage asks what else?
Things could not be dimmer to the wise
Thy kingdom is faint, with feeble pulse
Scribes must hurry with a sort of treatise
Without a king
From the shadows usurpers will rise
No doubt so full of ill will, jesters puke
See how warriors try to dodge demise
Only to suffer shame, scorn and rebuke
Without a king.

Editor’s note: A C Roberts, alias "Punchy", is the Patriotic Vanguard’s General Editor. He hates neck ties.