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Poetry: What do you say a golden jubilee is all about?

28 April 2011 at 00:20 | 1835 views

What do you say a golden jubilee is all about?

By Josephine Ansumana, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

I say...
Celebrating a golden jubilee goes
Far beyond the mere observance
Of an existential numerical milestone.
It should be more of a sober reflection on achievements
and deliverables against specific timelines.
A time for cataloguing social, political,
Intellectual and economic security.
A positive celebration of pride in self-determination,
Self-sufficiency and sustainability.

True Independence...
Promotes national ingenuity, cultural originality
Professional creativity and political dexterity
Independence celebrates national standards;
And preserves ethical morals and societal values.
Time is fluid, supple and mercurial therefore,
Independence is about thinking “outside the box.”
True independence is graduation,
Consistency and progression.

Displays a national legacy that is
Authentic, credible and sacrosanct
Independence oozes confidence and
Fosters reliability and integrity
It breaths life and hope into nations
Independence strives on political vision
Translated into tangible, concrete, strategic action
It is the synergy that holds a nation together.

Is a forward thinking movement, led by
Groundbreaking, backbreaking effort
Independence is work-in-progress and
Good governance in action.
Independence is vibrant and speaks in neon signs
It is neither myopic nor mediocre
Nor does it stifle, stagnate or self-destruct.

Is the coming of age of a nation
All embracing, it tears down walls of anger,
Scales heights and builds bridges of hope and progress
For future generations yet to come
Independence eschews economic dependencies
And frowns on donor aid and handouts
It is doing things on your own terms, in your own way...
That... is what I say independence is all about.