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Poetry-The Soil, Our Home

28 August 2009 at 23:23 | 1031 views

The Soil, Our Home

By Belindus Bascho-George, USA.

When ambitions foster
The move, that move, our thoughts compel;
To the West to achieve those endless goals
Our inspirations fiery yet focussed
And balanced by ambitions rare;
Now that we’ve landed some strains abound
Cause learning cannot be easy in foreign lands
Those thoughts of failure never inspire
What would folks say, If we don’t aspire?
So succeed we must and strength is found.

In blustering cold and
On empty pockets we march on
For they had said
Our missionaries old
That learning is better than silver and gold
So oft we go to classrooms and books;
In weather so cruel and amidst contempt;
And in the end we do achieve
E’en though some starved
We thrive and thrive and conquer all
That we may bring back home,
A new and trusted wealth.

But afore we leave,
We run their shows,
We have achieved those greater heights
Some years ago those thoughts afar
In minds of Missionaries of old.
Our churches now, we manage with knowledge so fine
Our schools and colleges bring forth good yields
‘Tis because we strived and learnt that knowledge
is good when nurtured fine.

For ADB, AU, Ecowas, IMF and the UN we manage
You name it all, Salone’s involved,
So now’s the time to sail back Home
And give to Her that knowledge all
The younger ones like those who now
Run things at home with skills and tact
Now jump on board and fly for Home
Salone needs you and you and you
That we may build the structures tall
Cause no more war is our resolve.

To batter is no more our curse,
We now demand a voice that says
Though learning is better than silver and gold
We now must manage the wealth we own
So bother not to rely on those
Who fostered the thought of silver and gold
We have achieved and must return
And manage our wealth, for our children to come.
Then in our terms we could sustain
That silver, gold and learning we must maintain
So Profs and Docs and Counsels too
and all who’ve learnt a thing or two
return to base and build your niche,
Posterity must hold you well, so even now;
‘Cause the land that we love is our Sierra Leone.

Note from the author: This poem is dedicated in particular to Dr. Roland Eben Buck, Prof. Jonathan Peters and even those Sierra Leoneans with extremely profitable employment who have studied in the Diasporas and achieved and have decided to return Home to secure improvement in Nation building.

I was motivated by Prof. Jonathan Peters’ poem dedicated to Gemina Archer-Davies another high profile achiever who’s husband Eefa a friend of mine also excelled as an engineer in NASA in the United States of America. Bravo all.

Belindus Bascho-George.