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Poetry----The Love Note

7 August 2008 at 15:19 | 642 views

The Love Note

By Joesphine Ansumana, USA.


OH! My Love!

As I doubled down in fear of the unknown,

I suddenly realized I must speak to you,

Of my love for you. Of the journey you have

Called me to take with you, I still do not fully understand

What it is, you have called me to endure.

But I trust you enough with my life, to say:

“Let it be done according to your word”

Because your love for me has never been in question

As clear as the morning light, it has always gone before

To light my path ever faithful ever sure

You have always protected me, even from myself.

In my books, that is what true love is all about.


So I write you this note-of my love for you

This is my love note to you—It tells of my love for you

Of hopes and dreams, tears and laughter

For the many times you stood between me and the enemy

For the times you stood by my side and held my hand

For the times, I ran to your altar with tears in my eyes,

When I leaned on your shoulder tired and exhausted

And you rocked me in your arms and wiped my tears.

For the times you held my broken heart in your precious hands

And whispered: “See, it is all mended and made whole again.”

For the times, you dispelled my doubts and fears

And beckoned me to you with a gentle, loving smile.

As you watched me take that first step in faith, and my whole

World came together like the pieces of an impossible jigsaw puzzle.


But this love note also speaks for the many times

You gave me tough love as you sent me through trial by fire

Through raging winds, tempest blast, hail and high water

When you pulled down my pillars and my walls fell flat

Amidst stormy waves, buffeting gale on slippery ground

“A chain is just as strong as its weakest link” you

The weakest link in my chain of faith, you pulled apart

And tested my faith again and again to harden my will

Novena’s prayed days of fasting you ignored,

Until empty and drained out with nothing left to give

“A heart contrite and humble, you will not spurn,” I cried out.

Then you gave me the capacity to grow in your love,

In want and humility, charity, faith, hope and love.


You love me so much, yet you watched me cry

When broken. I raged and panted, puffed and huffed,

But you stood your ground in love and discipline

Down on my knees, I fell in agony, again and again

As you watched me take one fall after another;

You strengthen my Steele and watched me weep

Tears in your eyes, you let me fall on my back.

Though I called out your name, and you heard my

Anguished voice, you let me struggle for a little while longer,

Until I proved, I had learnt my lessons well.

“You have to learn to get up every time you fall,” you

But you always catch me when I am about to fall” I cried out.

“Just pick me up Dear Lord; please do not let me perish!” I pleaded.


Where is your weapon of faith?” you replied.

“How can you fight the enemy, if you cannot stand in faith?

How can you pray yet doubt the power in your words?

If you stand out there and pray with all of your heart,

You will command the enemy, and he will obey you,” you

Then you asked me to do the simplest thing in my whole life

“Just trust in my love and believe with your whole heart,” you coaxed.

But it took years of beating and torment from the enemy

Before I found the courage to just believe and step out in faith.”


And so now I say to you dear LORD, I Love you beyond Measure

And I thank you for your tough love, for the tears, the pain and

Battle scars I now cherish in love and consolation.

For battles fought, nearly lost now mercifully won.

For the many blessings given and received.

For the lessons learned in humility and love unparallel.

For the countless times I doubted your love for me

For the pain I gave in my stubborn will-

This is my love note to you Dear Lord.

With all of my heart I Sign: JMA

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