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Poetry-So Einstein was a refugee?

13 August 2009 at 03:17 | 850 views

So Einstein was a Refugee?

By Fayia Sellu, California, USA.

I did not read this in Wikipedia
I did not Google this either
I lived this soul-numbing
Flight from fight and might
Out of sight, irking blight
This useless, restless quest
For the right to set earth alight
Cannot light a canlde under the cloak
of ignorance and then some
Come ye the wretched
Of all mankind
Fugitives from potato famine
Rat-and-penury infested serfdom
Across Europe
Anthills of frigid, rigid futilities of
The Far East
Ferried to the straw-thick hope
Of the Eastern seaboard

Yet I dont know why
Every time I envision a refugee
I see a Nubian
Mentally, physically and emotionally wasted
Their gleaming bloated bellies captured
By cameras elciting pity
Sometimes genuinely
Otherwise to massage our consciences
"We are better and we help": The choruses
The savages are at it again!
Butchering their own
And they don’t know better.
Never Again? Who? Where?
Even Einstein’s special relativity theory
Premises on the assumption
Of all thing being equal
Men may have been created
Not meant to treated equal

So Einstein was a Refugee as me?