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Poetry—Sierra Lyoa

27 April 2009 at 05:28 | 811 views

Sierra Lyoa
By T. Alpha Lebbie,

Boston, Massachusets.

Wake up, thou sleeping Lion,wake up!
Discovered sleeping
Still slumbering?
Awake, thou sleeping lion
Wake Up!
For like Rip Van Winkle
You have slept for too long.
While you slept
The children fought
They cursed, they bled
They wept
While the world
Ceaselessly passed by
While you slept
They dispersed all over
The world.
Today, they want
To come home.
But will they find
You asleep
Or widely awake
To embrace them into
Your motherly bosom?
For the land
That we love,Sierra Lyoa
May blessing and peace
Be ever thine own.
Like Chinua Achebe
My co-resident
In Massachusetts
From the Ancient Mariner:
We return to these places
But no longer at ease here in the
Old dispensation
With an alien people clutching against
The gods
I would be glad of
Another return.