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Poetry: Sierra Leoneans Unite

14 June 2008 at 08:32 | 468 views

Sierrra Leoneans Unite

By Roland Bankole Marke

My beloved, resilient people, when will we unite?

Ideal time to show true wisdom, patriotism as love

With right frame of mind, we tap needed resources

Sierra Leoneans, rise up again, to flourish in accord

My hand of friendship, I extend to every compatriot

In unison, our ancestors deserve and cherish honor

Far too long, deep discord of separation divided us

Cancer of ethnic division eroded our peace as unity

Despite ethnic ties, we are always Sierra Leoneans

Sierra Leoneans, wisely unite for peaceful harmony

I shout death warrant on any budding ethnic divide

Time for unification, equality, like justice for us all

Unity’s cemented mighty fortress as wall of Jericho

Unite to love each other, for a peaceful homeland.

Roland Bankole Marke 2008


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