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Poetry-Rise Up and Walk Upright

9 December 2011 at 01:12 | 1604 views

“Rise up and Walk Upright”

By Roland Bankole-Marke, PV Deputy Editor.

She gave me my primal breath and key to life
And anointed me in dainty alabaster ointment,
Deep anchored root fused nature with nurture.
I quest for that refreshing Atlantic sea breeze,
Unadulterated, seductive melody of river Nile
A crafted chip from a supernal assembly line:
The West stigmatizes her, a land of disrepute,
Where barbarism, weird violence bloom bright:
Coniferous Mountain, blooming ‘blood diamond’
But who initiated the latent, endemic violence,
Who loads their deep pockets in bloody profits?
Pundits said that God has left the motherland.

A blind-leprosy beggar with outstretched hands,
And telling and fixed eyes now expecting alms:
Sadly, neighbors passed by on the opposite side.
Iron ore, diamond, gold abound, but not to share
But a Samaritan showed her utmost compassion,
Experience mandates: “rise up and walk upright.”