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Poetry-Red Utopia

30 September 2010 at 01:26 | 1096 views

Red Utopia

By Saidu Bangura, Praia, Cape Verde.

“But somehow we survive
severance, desperation, loss

Dennis Brutus.

Peace –
the all pervasive
the all embracing
the all encompassing –
was the theme
you taught teenagers parading
weighed down with loads,
their worth – they couldn’t explain;
taught primitivism to show corrosive love
– in pieces.

In our vulnerable desperation
rent and battered as we were,
we were embalmed for everything:
mental, physical torture –
so soaked in immobility –
ulcers, headaches, apprehension
were all part of the inescapable.

Yes! fears for the reign
that was beating us,
the metal reign of deprivation
on rooftops, on our backs –
even the perennial cacophonies
were a source of torment.

High we cheer for you
as you have your bite
of the sword, of the dust –
of the dust covering our friends,
of the dust we escaped with stubborn hope
of the smell of blood, your blood
for your Utopia.

Or did I hear you say

Saidu Bangura, October 14, 1998.