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Poetry—On first seeing twenty-four hour electricity in Freetown

5 January 2008 at 12:31 | 625 views

On First Seeing Twenty-Four Hour Electricity in Freetown.

By Gbanabom Hallowell.

Kiss earth O hands on ground

the soil’s paraphernalia on the inevitable brother-

a humility leaving a dozen pain in posterior heads

between ablutions of no organized kaaba

and scattered beads itching aged toes owl and prowl

night never being a nectar on the bloodless taste

I rise unto my waist towel-stripped tongue

And this memory of the oasis when it was full

itched the back of the desert the desert of the back

speaking of back I’m devoid of metaphors

but of dried eyes dripping of blood

in my Sierra trapped in the legend of the dark!

My official hunger defined me on morning roads

avoided even by procrastinating bats

I have crushed into imaginary trees

no longer fit to serve the name of the forests

all my days were irrelevant to me

walking on Painful Street in the middle of town

The waleng came mid-day in malarial simplicity

turning yellow the eyes of the night owl

the scandalous road danced in my eyes

but I already knew the crossroads of such pregnancies

and this time when this new child is born

its soles shall not be limited to soils of the Black Lane!

Gbanabom Hallowell (c) Dec.2007