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Poetry: My Sacred Ballot

1 August 2007 at 09:20 | 440 views

My Sacred Ballot.

By Roland Bankole Marke.

Ideal franchise symbolizes our Sacred-Cow.
While whispering intuition blooms wisdom
I abhor carved religion slipped into package
Seem sheepish to graze on my bare emotion
Sound reasoning goads the plausible choice.

My ballot’s like a mighty American Express:
Unique, priceless, commands ideal strength
And authority to hire a dictator for a patriot:
Smooth cheer-leader eulogizes sacred right;
Folly’s a lonely nuisance roaming aimlessly.

Like birth certificate this might’s inalienable
Spineless infidel applauds the sneaky despot:
Shaming true, caring patriot: to tow the line,
Or denied franchise sucks up all my oxygen.
Destiny’s map-quest germinates redemption.

Roland Bankole Marke 2007

Roland Bankole Marke’s deep root germinated in Sierra Leone, West Africa. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida and has published two collections of poetry: Teardrops Keep Falling and Silver Rain and Blizzard. His most recent book -Harvest of Hate: Stories and Essays, was published in 2006. Marke’s work has appeared in several journals and magazines including World press,, Florida Times Union and Mabayla Review. Visit his website: