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Poetry-Let Freedom ring...ruin

13 July 2009 at 02:48 | 868 views

Let Freedom Ring …Ruin

By Matthias A. Sesay, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

It was a breezy and sunny spring day;
The Union Jack folded and thrown at bay.
Yes, for once we would decide our own destiny
And wave good-bye to that queer-looking Queen!
We would drink poyo from the palm tree
And enjoy the sun’s rays shining in our eyes.
While the pipe-smoking, khaki-clad John Bull departs,
Our newly-won freedom ensures we will never fall apart.
With abundant fertile land, cash crops and minerals,
Our freedom would create such a bonding.
So, off to Canaan everyone was bound.
By evening, optimism gave way to frustration.
Grapes in Canaan became sour and scarce.
As the rail to Pendembu coiled with lightening speed,
The playground rapidly became rocky.
“Role models” quickly developed a new meaning;
Seeing Bailor Barrie replacing Davidson Nicol
And cows grazing where they were tethered,
Crushing most budding dreams on the lion mountain.
While Mecca became a fifth region,
The fool and uncooperative went to bed hungry.
Yes, freedom is sweet, addictive---and it ruins!
It is sickle-shaped, at hand; yet so far away.
Freedom ushers in a new revolution, empowers the youth;
It hammers that square peg down a round hole,
Allows toes and genital heads to replace thumb prints,
Builds bridges across the strip to Lungi,
And runs Canaan like few people’s business.
Freedom even plucks and gags the parrot;
While serial raping and pillaging become the new cool trend.
Come join us, wiggle to our tune, or a sewer rat you are.
Our freedom is here to stay, never letting it sway.