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10 April 2009 at 02:58 | 608 views

Legendary Icon

By Roland Bankole Marke, Florida, USA.

He’s a legendary icon; injustice personified
And epitomizes Africa’s indicted ancestry:
In apartheid’s homegrown dehumanization
Branded criminal of whim, baseless crime:
Mandela’s name on US terrorist-watch list,
Essence of freedom: it’s liberation or death.

He carried a cross, lifetime crown he wears.
Robust inspiration as celebrated unification:
Africa wears face akin to Nelson Mandela’s.
Immortal empowerment that’s unshakeable
And wedged sharp dent on wall of freedom:
Symbol of heroism with electric inspiration.

Like eloquent poetry he’s really living peace,
His silence nailed detractors to nothingness,
And institutionalized like a malignant cancer
Xenophobia and exploitation happily married.
Beacon of freedom always denounces violence
Equality and dignity are relatively resurrected
Humanity should emulate passionate Mandela