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Poetry---Get to Know Me First

14 September 2008 at 01:50 | 625 views

Get to Know Me First (A woman’s challenge to a suitor).

By Josephine Ansumana


How can you call me “darling, sweetheart dearest...”

Or Say you love me if you have never met the real me?

How can you love some one you do not know

When all you have seen is my picture ‘Idée.”

Before you conclude what you feel is love,

I think you should really take your time

And try to get to know the real me.

Not just the nice smiling mysterious me,

Not the me in that picture posing at my best

But that other woman, the real me at my very worst.


Get to know me when I am most annoying

Disagreeable, obnoxious and cranky

Get to know me at that time of the month

When I go through my usual cycle

And I am moody, snappy, weepy and whimpering and whiny

And I change my mind as often as my mood


Get to know me when I think I have been conned,

Made a fool of, gravely wronged and unfairly treated

Misused and insulted, exploited and abused

And I am on the war path ready for battle.

Get to know me when I am emotionally down,

Challenged, tortured and tormented, and all

I want to do is to crawl into bed and cry my eyes out.


Get to know me when I am anxious and frantic

Passionately engaged in my writing,

As rewrites and timelines abound

When my “Muse” beckons and I must obey

When I have time for nothing and no one

Except my computer keyboard and my mouse

And I answer all of your questions in monosyllables.


Get to know me when I sit up all night,

Without realizing that another human being exists

Or moves around the house in the bedroom right next to the study.

Get to know me when you wake up at six in the morning,

And I say “Good night” to you, instead of “Good morning.”

Because that is just the time I want to catch some sleep.

Then I get up after only three or four hours of sleep

And sit at my computer again till the very next morning.


When you get to know me in all of these different phases

And you still do not get angry, ignored or frustrated,

And you think you can put up with all of my shortcomings,

Idiosyncrasies, foibles and flaws and do not feel the urgent urge

To bash my head against the wall, if you can still smile at me,

Laugh with me, and want to be with me in spite of myself

Then and only then will I truly believe, when you say you love me.

Until then, I will just take you at face value with a pinch of salt.