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Poetry-----"Enough is Enough"

8 December 2005 at 11:35 | 509 views

“Enough is Enough”

By Roland Bankole Marke

Handicapped by an engraved segregation
A germ of servitude antibiotics never cure
Cancerous monster acculturated in society
Shackled dehumanization of ailing hearts
Folk cruise on a path to peaceful equality
Economic emancipation once mortgaged
Hurricane Katrina’s fame a memory lane
Rosa Parks’ tenacity “Enough is Enough”
And defiant patriot confidently sat down
While men dreaded lynching joining her
I applauded as my destiny turned around
Rosa earned accolade made wall of fame
Freedom eloped justice, breathe panacea
To heal the world as humanity evolved.

Roland Bankole Marke 2005

Photo: Bankole Roland Marke

About the author: Florida-based Roland Bankole Marke is a writer from Sierra Leone.