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Poetry—Democracy Renaissance

22 August 2007 at 08:41 | 460 views

Democracy Renaissance

By Roland Bankole Marke.

The smell of democracy tingles in my earlobes
That involuntarily thaws my mouth to salivate.
Representative voices revive inspiration anew.
Led and motivated by Christiana our musician.
She tempers soloists to cultivate harmonization,
Heralding a path to unification in equal justice:
Blend of Mendes, Creoles, Themnes, Limbas ---
Dance to democracy nurtured in Sierra Leone.
Free from a western micro-managed blueprint.
A chord of music to heal like it merges hearts.
Birth pains as by-products of new democracy.
Citing dire history, we had a gigantic fair share.
Promising prognosis, wisdom blossoms within.
A legacy artistically tailored to endure forever.
People’s power caricatures a sacred monument.
Renaissance with a divine recipe onto destiny:
My renewed passion cherishes our own song:
Prescription sealed above for enduring peace.

Roland Bankole Marke © 2007

Roland Bankole Marke’s deep root germinated in Sierra Leone, West Africa. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida. And has published 2 collections of poetry: Teardrops Keep Falling and Silver Rain and Blizzard. His most recent book -Harvest of Hate: Stories and Essays, was published in 2006. Marke’s work has appeared in several journals and magazines including World press,, Florida Times Union and Mabayla Review. Visit his website: