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Poetry----Cry Sierra Leone

5 January 2006 at 13:13 | 712 views

Cry Sierra Leone


Mohamed Boye Jallo Jamboria

On High We Exhaulted thee ;Land meant for the free!
Free no more are your Children and children’s children
Sold to strife, bondage and misery ;are they now and
forever it seems,
By a stepfather, who you trusted for his soft words of
Telling you that learning is better; whilst he took away the silver and gold for free!!

Oh! Great was the love we had for thee, a love now turned to hate by the bait
Of a stepfather who loves your body but hates your soul;<> stepfather whose wish,
Is to rape and take, telling you to wait for the make of a bright new dream day,
A day of the times of Landau taking so long to come, waiting for the second coming
Of Corpus Christ’s, a day in time, space and mind; from everlasting to everlasting,
A day in words not in deeds; a day bringing moments of
pain, anguish and death,
Damnation and decadence to you and yours; plenty and pageantry to him and his!!

United we seemed at first to stand; never was it but so it was!
Divided at the start, Failed at last; by the fathers and stepfather,
Preaching the Golden Rule one moment; beating the drums of war,
Singing:Lex Talionis! Lex Talionis!!; All the time saying he means good,
Singing: Peoples power!peoples power!!; all are equal, whilst he is more than equal,
In words and in deeds, for he is learning and you, you
have silver and gold to give
For free and with free; paying great attention to what you are told, little time,
For what you hold; thinking you can trust and trusting you can think, but alas!!
Drugged with words, Numbed from war; No longer can you heal the wounds of rape!!

Cry Sierra Leone!!! Cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once we sang thy praise,Oh Land of birth!! Once like the colossus you stood,
In Glory with Flames of the Pathfinder, Shining for all and the World to see, THE ATHENS of a world once
great ,now in shambles; leaking from the wounds of a lynching by a brother instigated by a greedy former master!!
A master who taught you nothing but filth, greed, deception and destruction!!
A master with one names several faces ;One face several names, and you wishing ,
A way forward, yet now forever backward; dances to the tune of this MASTER!!,
Whose wish it is to fish your body; keeping your soul alive with words so odd,
Lexus Populous meaning Lexus Aristoris; One World different Destinies!!

Cry Sierra Leone Cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When will you ever hear the plam birds sing again;When will you ever sit in quiet solitude to think of Transis,Goumbay;or make a social event of your
Paddle,Goboi,Gbanie,Nafalay,Ojeh and Hunting? Your very soul sold for rags and raps!

When will you in peace go down to the watasai to fish; or with your nets and dogs hunt the deer for all to share?

Where is your sense of community? Have you sold it to the dogs or rather the gods of materialism? Cry Sierra Leone !! CRY!!!!!!!!FOR YOUR BODY & SOUL,CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo: Mohamed Boye Jallo Jamboria