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Poetry---Bra Breeze.

26 December 2006 at 09:24 | 859 views

Bra Breeze.

By Mohamed Boye Jallo Jamboria.

Look at you!

Images without foundation,

Born naked, to die naked.

Leaping, grubbing, howling from place to place,

Building steps that don’t exist,

Rhythms of soundless sounds,
cacophonic, yet sweet to the ears.

Look at you!

Ingrates without compassion,

Born perfect to die imperfect.

Leaping, grubbing, howling day in day out;

Searching for A Nirvana never to be seen,

Replacing mind with matter, demi-gods of dialectic disposition,

Of wars, domination, damnation; diseased by design, dead yet moving.

Look at you!

A nobody faking somebody,

Images of a Super Ego drown reality.

Leaping,grubbing,growling for God knows what,

Leaving death,destruction,desolution in your path,

Building a glory, building effigies, limited as your Ego is,

Efflorescence of a glory, lasting but for a while!

Look at you!

Full of lies, empty as the desert,

Creating mirages of prosperity, yet so impoverished,

Fooling yourself with perceptions of piety above and beyond The Absolute Intelligence,

Building on dreams experienced in your daytime; without knowing what night is like,

Models of a future you have little hold over; your relative existence, short and painful!

Look at you!

With thoughts of infinity,indefinite about your definite path ,short,just a wink of the eye.

Forgetting you have but a day in all this wealthy but painful path;damned as you are,

Crossing the sea of life with pomp, falsehood; wanting to pay your way to Eternal Peace, foolish as you are!

As was THE BEGINNING, shall THE END be! ETERNAL PEACE! So be it!

November, 2006,Bergen, Norway