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Poetry: Airborne from Feardom: Touchdown Montreal

18 September 2006 at 04:14 | 590 views

Airborne from Feardom: Touchdown Montreal

By Abayomi Charles Roberts (Punchy), Edmonton, Canada.

Coming from across the seas
Barely the clothes on my back
Chased by hunger,death, disease
Driven by fear, hate so dark
Loved ones still there, hopes we share
No laughing matter, I shed a tear

Flight delays in the wake of 9-11
Was stuck in Brussels, sensing Flemish
Touchdown Montreal; more like heaven
Transit Ottawa, Air Canada no blemish
Refugee has landed! Headed Edmonton
Soon I’m dreaming evergreen

Reception so warm, more tears but this time warm
Yes, 11116-74 street I still recall
That’s the first home refugees sojourn
Those with no Edmonton folks to call
Since that autumn in 2001, ain’t all been rosy
Still, I raise my hand:Canada is cold but (quite) cosy.