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Poetry---After all Love is a Batter System

17 August 2008 at 20:41 | 608 views

By Josephine Ansumana, Maryland, USA.


What is love, and what is its true nature

How do we define love, or bear it witness

How do we measure the essence of love

How do we measure its weight in gold

And what price do we set on the value of love

Is love measured by the size of the gem in the ring

Do we measure love by the size of the mansion,

The family heirloom or the cost of the wedding party

Is the family name the greatest value of love

Or is love just a simple exchange of words?


Love is a simple four letter word,

That compasses both the high and the low

The best and the worst in human history

Simple, complex, refined and profane

Immeasurable, unquantifiable, unfathomable

Indescribable, priceless or so we think.

But love is also negotiable, predatory, and manipulative

It is eloquent, dexterous, passionate and bestial

It is predictable and edifies the invisible.

A loving heart is as light as feather, and flies like the wind,

A loveless heart is as heavy as lead and weighs a ton.


“Love cannot be bought or sold,” so they say.

“So never marry for money,” the warning goes.

“But make sure you marry into money,

Because bills have to be paid”—a caveat disclaimer

Is true love practical, and realistic?

Is it blind, taciturn, turgid or starry eyed?

Does true love search for a soul mate or a bankroll

Does love need to be explained, replayed and rehearsed

Does it electrify, illuminate and modify

Does love speak a singular universal language?


What then does love demand in return?

Does love require affection for love sake?

Or a pound of gold for a pound of love

How does love measure its own level of worth?

What binds and ties love as a prisoner for evermore?

Is love forever tied to the heartstring or the dollar-note

How do we weigh love on the scales of the heart?

How does the heart perceive love through its own eyes?

What drives love to fly out the window?

There is no single yardstick to measure love

Because after all, Love is a batter system.

© 2008 Josephine M. Ansumana. All rights reserved.