PDL Blasts NDI

27 July 2007 at 20:34 | 513 views

Press Release.

As the Sierra Leonean body politic deteriorates by the
passing hour, the Sierra Leone People’s Democratic
League (PDL) wishes to make this statement and to
condemn the Washington based National Democratic
Institute’s overt and covert activities in Sierra
Leone. We insist that the NDI is killing democracy in
Africa; it is wounding our country and breaking our
bodies; it is butchering the future of an African
nation that rejects imperialism and all acts that
constitute the virus.

Credible information at our disposal reveals that the
National Democratic Institute was mandated to run a US
imperialist agenda in Sierra Leone and was allocated
an amount of hundred and ninety million dollars
(US$190, 000, 000. 00) by the Bush Administration in
Washington to ensure the reign of US imperialism in
Sierra Leone.

This money, which ostensibly was made available to
help promote democracy in Sierra Leone, is intended

1. Keep the Guinean forces of aggression and
occupation in Eastern Sierra Leone.

2. Maintain one of the US secret anti-Muslim torture
dungeons in Sierra Leone.

3. Maintain 1,000 Nigerian "dogs of war" and other
foreign mercenaries in Sierra Leone.

4. Secure SLPP (Sierra Leone People’s Party) hold on
power by all means, including fraudulent and other
immoral tools.

While our compatriot African brothers and sisters on
the continent and the diaspora may worry about the
political development in Sierra Leone as it unfolds,
we want to assure all that we will not succumb nor
betray the conscience of the Sierra Leonean nation to
the forces of imperialism.

As sons and daughters of the soil, we are the very
African children who will have to live in the land and
bear all the brunt. Our children will have to breathe
the air and drink the water on the land. Knowing fully
the vicious and wicked agenda championed by the NDI
and its local collaborators in Sierra Leone, the PDL
will not succumb to any intimidation, political
gangsterism, fraudulent electoral regime or tailored
media propaganda.

What we find most hypocritical about the NDI
activities in Sierra Leone has been its recent
statements and observations, referring to the dictator
Tejan Kabbah’s illegal government’s political
gangsterism as electoral flaws.

Second, and which is
insulting to the nation, is sending the former
President of the Nigerian Legislature, Chief Nnamani
to head a team of election monitors in Sierra Leone.
How can a political assassin like Nnamani, whom most
Nigerians at home believe had hands in the
assassination of their former Head of State, Murtala
Muhammed in 1976 to foresee peaceful and credible
election that was programmed to suit the tastes of US

The irony of the NDI statements and observations is
that it was intended to divert attention from the well
thought-out fraudulent electoral regime and the
illegality of the entire process. Do the NDI not
know that the Constitution of Sierra Leone has been
violated and that there is no legal government in the
country according to the Constitution?

We can understand how the NDI undermines peace,
stability, democracy and freedom in Africa and
elsewhere. It has a legacy of dehumanising nations and
peoples. The NDI is concerned only with expanding US
imperialism worldwide. Whether a Constitution is
violated or not; whether the people are happy or not;
as long as US imperialism is not affected, what
happens to a country and its people matters not.

Unfortunately, the SLPP is willing to sacrifice the
dignity and integrity of the Sierra Leonean nation to
foreign detractors, whose activities in Sierra Leone
are centered on raping natural resources and
pauperising Africans on the continent.

To the world and those who have supported and
sustained the illegal government in Freetown, we
repeat: "Enough of the hypocrisy and hidden agendas".
Sierra Leoneans deserve a democratic government borne
out of a peaceful, credible, transparent and moral

The Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League (PDL) was
established in 1986 with a manifested mandate to
restore Sierra Leone’s dignity, which was sold for a
life of opulence and immorality. That central theme is
as fresh as it was twenty-one years ago. On democracy,
we believe in deconcentration of power from the centre
to the provinces. Our policy is to bring power to the
doorstep of the people by making them not only voters,
but part of the decision making process.

On the economic front, a legitimate government led by
PDL will empower the Sierra Leonean people to own,
control and develop the economy of their country
without obstruction of any kind. We believe it is
only the Sierra Leonean people who are best qualified
to manage their affairs for their own freedom and
happiness, and that of future generations of Sierra
Leoneans. We don’t need orthodox prescriptions to
rebuild the Sierra Leonean economy. No magic. It is
the people, the owners of the land and its wealth who
are the solution.


PDL Secretary for Information and Mass Mobilisation.

Photo: PDL leader Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh.