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Open Letter to Honourable Ernest Koroma

21 August 2006 at 09:45 | 549 views

Dear Hon. Ernest Bai Koroma,

The A.P.C.Party is Crying!!!

As a brother and a comrade in the All People`s Congress ( A.P.C.) Party, I have decided to caution you to stop and think with the help of close relatives (not Party friends) whether or not you are on the right path of your political adventurism.

I have decided to go public because I have no doubt in my mind that your ambition to become President of Sierra Leone has led you to a serious confrontation with A.P.C. Party stalwarts who used to be your close friends and you are now on the verge of self destruction politically.

When you joined the A.P.C Party late 2001 with the help of Mr F.B.Turay, I hoped that you were going to bring unity and success to the Party. Many A.P.C.Party supporters had the same hope.Unfortunately there has always been chaos since you joined the Party. Things started to go wrong when you decided to work closely with your personal friends who had left the Party after the 1992 coup or had never been members of the A.P.C. Party, and you refused to work with the likes of Hon. Eddie Turay who fought against all odds to keep the Party alive.

I warned you against building a Party within a Party.

You saw old stalwarts of the Party as a threat to your political ambition.This led you to entertain the idea of ignoring and expelling prominent members from the Party.

You contested the 2002 Presidential Election and lost. Under your leadership the A.P.C.Party did not do well in the local elections.You failed to learn lessons from those failures and continued to fight to lead a divided Party. I am sure that many prominent members of the Party in and out of Sierra Leone have spoken to you to unite the Party but you have refused to accept the reality of the A.P.C .Party situation.

This your intransigent attitude has led to the several cases field against you in the courts by your brothers; people who fought to keep the A.P.C .Party alive. More court cases are soon to be filed against you. For over four years now, you have been in and out of the courts fighting to set yourself free; chasing lawyers and judges with heavy bribes. Please stop and ask yourself whether you are doing the right thing to the A.P.C.Party, yourself and to your family? How can you trace a black goat in the dark when you can not trace it in broad day light?

It is a fact that you are surrounded by people like Hon. Dauda Kamara who cannot win a village-headmanship election in their Constituencies. People with no political base to write home about. How many Mendes have Mr. William Smith and Mr.Victor Foe brought to the A.P.C.Party? The best they can do is to attack personalities in the press . Do you remember the Voucher-Gate Case against the A.P.C.Party Secretary-General Mr.Victor Foe years back? Please read Section 14 (1) of the Political Parties Act of 2002 and Section 76 (d) of the Constitution of Sierra Leone. The Political Parties Registration Commission reserves the right not to resgister the A.P.C.Party because of Mr.Victor Foe`s Voucher-Gate involvememnt.

For your cabal, who so ever is not pro-Ernest is not an important person. You turned your back to all A.P.C.Party stalwarts who can help the Party win an election.

Efforts by Dr Abdulai O. Conteh and others have failed to bring unity in the Party. And you are to blame for those failures. This is why I have stopped attending your meetings.

With all the chaos in the A.P.C .Party you fast-tracked the Party to a Delegate Conference, to grasp more power and became leader of the A.P.C.Party and Presidential Candidate for 2007.

Mr Bockarie Stevens and Mr. Palo Conteh who came from England to conduct the elections or selections at the Delegates Conference in Port-Loko are ex-officio members of the England and Ireland Branch of the A.P.C Party. Where were the elected Executive Members from that Branch?

You have become so overambitious that you have allowed yourself to be misled by undemocratic followers. People who don`t believe in compromise for the life of the Party.

The Delegates Conference in Port Loko did not end the court cases.Your are still chasing the lawyers and judges, after Port Loko. You should step aside for the good of the Party. Do you want to go down with the A.P.C.Party?

My brother, the amount of money we have spent so far on lawyers and judges could have kick-started an effective A.P.C.Party campaign for 2007 elections.Your cabal is boasting that they will drag these cases till after 2007 elections ; e.g. by summoning many witnesses to the witness-box when the cases will be properly tried, taking advantage of the corrupt and ineffective system of Justice in Sierra Leone. And by just ignoring the court sessions with flimsy excuses. But bear in mind that Dr Abdulai Timbo, Mr. Sam Margai and Mr. Shyllon can decide to do justice to the A.P.C.Party and the people of Sierra Leone by delivering the right judgement. We know the charges against you are genuine. When your bags are empty, the hammer will come down.

Hon.Ernest, why have you stopped thinking? Just recently the following events took place in the A.P.C Party or in the name of the Party that are enough warning for you to step aside.

(1) The Le. 265million embezzled from the Makeni Town Council Accounts by Mr Mansary a cousin of yours, and Chairman of the the Makeni Town Council.

(2) The resignation of the Secretary General of the A.P.C. Party Women’s Wing.

(3) The resignation of the Secretary General of London and Ireland Branch of the A.P.C. Party.

(4) The resignation of Councillor and Chairman of the Waterloo Rural Council Mr. Alieu Badara Mansary from the A.P.C Party.

(5) The Notice to vacate the Pademba Road A.P.C Party Head-quarter.

(6) Your personal body-guard gun case which is presently ongoing in Freetown magistrate court.

(7) The petition against the A.P.C Party Women’s Leader by the Women`s wing of the Party.

(8) The resignation of the Publicity Secretary of the England and Ireland Branch of the A.P.C Party.

(9) The Kono District delegation which came to Freetown to express their dissatisfaction with your leadership.

The Party is falling apart on your own watch!!!

The reason for the these resignations is your poor leadership and refusal to listen to politicians.You are surrounded not by politicians but by opportunists.

I want to remind you that the A.P.C Party is now 46 years old. Lots of people lost their lives for the sake of this Party. Lots of people have shed blood for this Party. Lots of people are suffering today for the sake of this Party. A.P.C Party is crying.

If the Party fails to win the 2007 Presidential and Parliamentry Elections, you will be held responsible for that failure. And posterity will never forgive you and your family.

Amongst the eleven people who founded the A.P.C Party in 1960 Alhaiji A.B.S Janneh is still politically active. Did you listen to the advice he gave you on the A.P.C Party he helped to create 46 years ago? Mr.F.B.Turay negotiated your membership to join the A.P.C in 2001. He is one of the living fathers of the A.P.C Party.Do you listen to his advice? Do you know where he is presently? Please find out.

You refused to heed to the calls of your dear family members to step aside.If you think that you can lead the A.P.C.Party without the old-hands of the Party, you are making a grevious mistake you will have to pay for very dearly.

As a honest brother and friend , I wish to suggest to you to call for a Delegates Conference on a date to be agreed upon by the elders of the A.P.C Party.This is your only exit plan left.Those who tell you to go on with the present chaos in the A.P.C Party are pushing you to a hot burning fire.

Listen, Hon. Ernest Listen to the voice of voices. The A.P.C.Party is crying!

Your Friend,
John Conteh