Letter to editor

On Richard Konteh’s Disgraceful Exit

16 June 2014 at 02:14 | 6188 views

By Santhkie Sorie.

People who engage in strange activities (there is a prison in England called Strange Ways) often know how to cover their tracks by various methods. They ensure that their fingerprints are found on nothing; they are stealthy and dangerous and always look innocent. The only way to detect and catch them is by monitoring their activities and work on that ultimate malady which we all occasionally suffer from : human frailty.

According to the article and release from State House, Dr Konteh blurred his tracks by appearing to be hard working to please the President and some members of the public in such a way that he would not be associated with any shady dealings. He must have become so dexterous in his shadowy dealings that he dropped his guard, and the ever-widening anti corruption net became invisible to him; he dived straight into it. It was only when he tried to resurface in another guise that he found President Koroma waiting for him, and without allowing him to decompress, the President showed him, not just any any exit sign, but the one where investigators were patiently waiting for him.

When will all public officials - including those with PhDs - start allowing blood and oxygen to flow into their heads to understand that these are no longer the days of previous presidents who gave legitimacy to corruption ?