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Novel: Shangai Dream

28 March 2009 at 17:21 | 721 views

Shangai Dream by Sahr Johnny


Burnt out hacker Cad Caldwell is on the verge of committing nanobot-induced suicide in a cramped Union capsule hotel when a mysterious package arrives from Tokyo. Inside, a sleek black computer console unlike anything he has ever seen before. The console is a lifeline from someone high up in the Yakuza food chain and the sender wants Caldwell to do a job. The devil, however, is in the details. Before long, Caldwell finds out that his Japanese client is dead and that he has become a moving target running from the long arm of the Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan’s largest Yakuza faction. But help is at hand, in the form of a Faustian bargain from the surgically-enhanced head of a secret Union electronic warfare unit who claims to hold the key to Caldwell’s blocked memories. To get his memories back, Caldwell must use the console to hack into the core of a secretive new network deep in the heart of New China.

About the Author

Sahr Johnny(photo) was born on 1st May 1970 in London and attended the prestigious London School of Economics & Political Science. In 1993, armed with a degree in Economics, he found himself in Hong Kong, where he spent three years as personal assistant to one of China’s first tycoons before embarking on a career as a technology journalist covering consumer and business technology for major publications in Hong Kong, including The South China Morning Post, PC World, and The Economist Group’s Chief Financial Officer Asia magazine.

He has written for numerous Asian publications, including The Dataphile, Wireless World and That’s Beijing. In 1999, he founded Information Age, a Hong Kong-based Internet start-up that was later acquired by, the first Chinese Internet company to list on NASDAQ.

He has traveled extensively in Asia and spent part of his childhood living in Sierra Leone, West Africa. He is proficient in Mandarin and Cantonese and splits his time between Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.

SHANGHAI DREAM is his first work of fiction.

Product Details

* Paperback: 378 pages

* Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (August 5, 2005)

* Language: English

* ISBN-10: 1419612360

* ISBN-13: 978-1419612367