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18 April 2012 at 02:30 | 424 views

National Organization of Sierra Leoneans in North America


The NOSLINA Board of Directors has approved and authorized that honors, awards, and recognitions be bestowed on individuals/organizations for exemplary contributions to Sierra Leoneans in North America and in Sierra Leone. The awards will be conferred May 5, 2012, at 8:00 PM at the Loft Ballroom 9375 Washington Boulevard, Laurel, MD 20723, as part of the celebration of the 14th Anniversary of NOSLINA and the 51st Anniversary of Sierra Leone’s Independence. The 2012 NOSLINA Award recipients are:

Lytton Adekunle Williams, M.D., M.B.A., Director and Founder of the Los Angeles Spine Surgery Institute

DIAMOND AWARD: For pioneering and continually playing a pivotal role in the surgical corrections of spinal deformities, disorders and diseases, as well as for the establishment of the Sierra Leone Children’s Charity Fund, offering life-changing educational opportunities to young people from Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone’s Legendary Sulay Abubakarr and the Afro National Band

SPECIAL DISTINGUISHED AWARD: For Epic, Pioneering, and Legendary contribution to the Sierra Leone music industry. In lyrics, song and dance and a mastery of Band music Sulay and Afro-National laid an incomparable foundation for future generations of Sierra Leone artists to attain worldwide acclaim and to celebrate the culture and people of Sierra Leone with unparralleled distinction and pride.

Performer Emmerson Bockarie

SPECIAL DISTINGUISHED AWARD: For helping to put Sierra
Leone on the world map and ensuring that talented artists from Sierra Leone are more readily accepted in the music and entertainment arena.

Entertainer Freddy “Shabaka” Cole

most of his music career not only singing the praises of Sierra
Leone, but also encouraging Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra
Leone to continue having faith in the country, as well as give back to the country

Mr. Jon Bouma, Venture Capitalist

HUMANITARIAN LEADERSHIP AWARD: For his longstanding commitment and untiring efforts to helping and mentoring Sierra Leoneans.

Mr. Sylvester Renner, Founder and President of Develop Africa

HUMANITARIAN LEADERSHIP AWARD: For working to actively facilitate and establish meaningful and sustainable development in Sierra Leone and other African countries through capacity building, empowerment and transformational education.

Mrs. Leyinde Pabs-Garnon

ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERSHIP AWARD: For helping to ensure that the educational system in Sierra Leone focuses on the physical, emotional, social and educational welfare of young children through the founding of BAANA Preparatory school that has served the Sierra Leone community for 45 years.

Mr. Hassan Jalloh, Founder of SaloneLink

ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERSHIP AWARD: For teaming up with business partners to introduce an “Online Tutoring Project”, a program with a potential to employ hundreds of young people at universities across Sierra Leone and other West African countries.

Leh We Talk Organization

COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP AWARD: For creating a venue for young professionals,
humanitarians, aspiring business people, and many others to come together and learn from each others’ experiences, as well as to share resources that enhance living conditions of Sierra Leoneans

Mohamed Sellu Jalloh, Esq.

COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP AWARD: For actively engaging Sierra Leonean Americans to come together and effect positive change in their communities within the state of New Jersey.

Janet Baindu Lagah-Bona, Founder of Children Empowerment Foundation Inc.

COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP AWARD: For founding an organization with the goals of
providing books, toys and much more, to children and many needy members in her community.