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More photos from APC-Canada inauguration in Toronto

7 October 2017 at 21:06 | 2075 views

This is the final batch from the historic and extremely beautiful inauguration ceremony of the APC-Canada branch chairman and his executive members at the Taj banquet hall in Toronto, Canada, Saturday September 30, 2017.

Left to right: Modibo Lymon (APC-Canada treasurer), Abdoul Kareem Kamara (APC-Canada Vice Chairman 1), Hawa Dumbuya ( APC-Canada Deputy Welfare Officer), Alex Kabia (APC-Canada member) and Umaru King, alias Coachie Abamba (APC-Canada member).

Memunatu Conteh, APC-USA Vice Chair 2 (left) and Marie Turay (APC-Canada Director of International Affairs).

Aminata Kanu (APC-Canada Women’s Leader) and Marie Turay.

Left to right: Abubakar Marah (APC-Canada Director of Cultural Affairs), Mack Ten (Toronto-based APC-Canada member), Mangay Turay(APC-Canada Assistant Organizing Secretary) and Modibo Lymon.

Modibo Lymon, Kulagbanda (from Winnipeg, Canada) and Mangay Turay from Winnipeg.

System (Toronto-based APC-Canada member) and Modibo Lymon of Montreal (APC-Canada treasurer).

APC-Canada Chairman Sean Samura and some devoted APC-Canada female leaders including Maraiatu (second from left) and Marie Turay (second from right).

Mustapha Koroma (APC-UK chairman), Agnes Kabia (APC-Canada member) and Hassan Kamara (APC-UK).

Left to right: Abess Kamara (APC-UK Vice Chairman), Ibrahim Badamasi Kamara (APC-Canada Secretary General), and Sean Samura.

Left to right: Abdoul Kareem Kamara (APC-Canada Vice Chairman 1), Juliana Nunoo (APC-Canada Financial Secretary), Gibril G. Koroma (APC-Canada Publicity Secretary) and Francis Mohamed Taqi Jnr (APC-Canada Vice Chairman 2).

Toronto Paddle

Gibril G.Koroma and Francis Mohamed Taqi Jnr

Honourable comrade Sheriff Sesay, Foundation Stone and Elder Branch Executive Member and Principal Veteran of the APC Canada Branch, who acted as Coordinator of the APC Canada Branch Inauguration. He brought the Inauguration of the APC Canada Branch to a successful end. What else can we say if not to thank him for his role in the convening of such a wonderful and historic ceremony. History was not only made but the facts remained scripted for future leaders of the APC Canada Branch.