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Miss Independence Sierra Leone 2017: Contestant Augusta Fraser

23 June 2017 at 00:16 | 2126 views

Augusta Fraser is a daughter, sister, friend, student, and volunteer. She was born to Michael Fraser of the Krio Tribe and Rosaline Fraser of the Krio and Temne Tribe in Silver Spring, Maryland on August 6th. She was raised and currently lives in Bowie, Maryland. Augusta is the youngest of four siblings. She has two older brothers and one older sister who all inspire her.

Augusta is a rising sophomore at Howard University where she is studying Legal Communications with a minor in Biology. After graduation she plans to attend Law School and pursue a career in Foreign Policy and International Development. In the coming future Augusta desires to impact different nations by bringing forth justice and equal treatment. One of her aspirations is to work in diplomatic relations concerning Sierra Leone to uplift the country, rebuild the infrastructure, and enhance the economy so that Sierra Leone may be recognized positively among the nations.

Augusta wants to become the next Miss Independence Sierra Leone USA because she not only desires to help our country but most importantly our people, alongside them. Some don’t see the hope and potential Sierra Leone holds, but Augusta does. Sierra Leone has some of the most intelligent and resilient people who have overcome everything from Ebola, to a war torn country. With her organization, Fountains For Life Augusta Fraser wants to act on multiple projects (i.e. academic scholarships, and food drives) in Sierra Leone starting with building a water well. One of the key issues affecting the livelihood and health of our people is sanitation and she will bring change to uphold sanitation standards. This is only one of Augusta’s goals to impact our beloved Sierra Leone if chosen to become Miss Independence Sierra Leone 2017.