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Launching "Focus on Sierra Leone"

15 April 2009 at 05:09 | 810 views

By Donald Sholabumi Georgestone , California .

This long awaited book (Focus on Sierra Leone)is a work of history , original reports and
research put together .

The book reveals , how Sierra Leone which was once the envy
of West Africa , systematically became debilitated , destitute and
then devastated before the eyes of the local people and the
international community .

The book further reveals , that as a people , we can regroup and
put Sierra Leone once again , among the prosperous and civilized nations of the world.

It is a must read for all ages ,
because the systematic exploitation and destruction of Sierra
Leone after independence must be told to those yet unborn .

One interesting aspect of this book , is that it touches on some
sensitive and controversial issues , which you the readers , will
find very fascinating .

The book is informative , educational , and an eye opener for
the disadvantaged , the underprivileged , the disfranchised and
the destitute . The people of Sierra Leone have suffered so
much that this book will constantly remind the countries
of the world , not to turn their backs on this tiny nation
but to see her as a member of the family of Nations , that
went astray .

The book is now available , through your local bookstore ’ s
order desk , or at these Online bookstores :

Amazon .com ,Barnesand and . You can also send your
email to : Orders @ or you can phone 1-888 -795-
4217 ext 7876 , or contact Donald at 323 - 766 - 7889