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Guinean Opposition Demand Conte’s Resignation

14 June 2006 at 11:49 | 519 views

By Our Correspondent

Top Guinean politician Ba Mamadou(photo) has expressed concern over the present chaos that has engulfed his country and has reiterated the opposition’s call for the resignation of President Lansana Conte and his government.

In an interview with a Guinean newspaper Guineenews, Mamadou, leader of the Union des Forces Democratiques de Guinee(UFDG)lamented that president Conte has lost control of the country, signing documents without reading them and being completely at sea over what is happening in the country. He observed that Gunea is in a very serious and unpredictable situation right now.

Mamadou, a former World Bank executive and a veteran Guinean politician, said the opposition was directly involved in the recent workers’ strike that has sucked in the student population and precipitated general chaos in the country.

"It is the right and duty of the opposition to support the trade unions," he declared.

He dismissed accusations by the Conte government that the opposition infiltrated the workers’ movement and paid workers to go on strike.

"We don’t need to pay anybody.We don’t infiltrate, we particpate. We are workers. Our supporters are workers. You cannot infiltrate yourself! We are together", he said.

He further asserted that workers, including politicians like himself are fighting to realise the same objective, which is to ameliorate and improve the living standards of all Guineans.

The UFDG leader said the Guinean opposition is demanding change, a transitional period of 18 months to stabilise the country. They want, he continued, president Lansana Conte and his government to give way to a transitional government, a government of national unity that would restore peace and stability to the troubled country.

Guinea has been plunged in chaos in the last couple of days due to a massive national strike that has paralysed the country and led to the death of 17 people including 10 students.

"We have assassins in power. They have killed unarmed people fighting for their rights", Mamadou said.

Photo Credit: Guineenews.