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Guinea suspends export of foodstuffs

1 February 2007 at 03:13 | 886 views

The Guinean government has decided to ban "any export and re-export of farm produce which are part of the people’s staple food" for 12 months.

This measure disclosed Monday following an inter-ministerial order jointly signed by ministers Jean Paul Sarr of Agriculture, animal husbandry and water Resources and forestry, Ibrahima Sory Touré of fisheries and aquaculture, and Kazaliou Baldé of trade and small and medium-sized entreprises.

"Cereals, tubers, oil-producing plants, forest products (citrus fruits, wood, beams), diaries (cattle, pigs, fisheries, and oil products" are all concerned by the measure, the official document stated.

"This ban is aimed at meeting needs on the domestic market and covers the period running from January to December 2007", the order indicated.

Through this move, the Guinean government intends to stem the increasing inflation noticed on the aforementioned foodstuffs and products. It is also part of the measures contained in the agreements clinched by the trade unions, the government and Guinean employers following the strike that crippled the country for 18 days.

Source:APA News,Dakar.

Photo: President Lansana Conte of Guinea. Embattled.