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Global pandemic brings attention to wet markets in China

1 April 2020 at 19:09 | 2413 views

The founder of No Dogs Left Behind, Jeffrey Beri, originally visited China for business and first noticed the stray dog crisis and population issue due to lack of spay and neuter control. Then, he learned the truth about China’s wet market epidemic.

Every year, 15 to 20 million dogs are trafficked for consumption and commercial gain. What began as survival with hunting wild dogs has led to a thriving $1.6 billion industry that is no longer driven by culture, but by greed. It is much different from America’s beef farming industry. Dogs are abused and tortured live as part of the country’s beliefs about better meat that brings good fortune. Unfortunately, China has zero animal welfare laws to protect dogs or any animals from cruelty and exploitation.

Animal cruelty is reason enough to take action, but there is an even deeper level of complexity to the issue, the bigger picture that creates a global threat. Reckless slaughter practices linked to wet, live, and exotic markets are the root cause of global pandemics. As a direct result of China’s markets, the world has experienced three pandemics in the last 18 years: SARS, Avian Bird Flu, and now, COVID-19. Unregulated slaughter practices, like lack of refrigeration and lack of sanitation create an environment for disease and infection to develop and spread. Wet markets are a breeding ground for global pandemics.

One of the dangers of live/ wet markets is the combining of animals that would never intersect in the wild. Wildlife carry viruses that are uncommon to domestic animals, and the domestic animals are often diseased from poor breeding standards. Combining these animals in one market, slaughtering them, and then consuming them is the very environment ripe to create the supervirus experts have warned us about. COVID-19 was predicted, and it will happen again.

Beri is fighting for standards. The activist is in China full time, seizing dogs from illegal traders at markets, instead of buying the dogs to save them (which keeps the markets going). He is fighting for the rights of every dog that passes through the markets, but also for regulations. China must implement and enforce regulations on the slaughter processes and their food and safety.

Beri says, “For four years, I have lived in China, boots on ground fighting to end the dog trafficking and dog meat markets of China. Being on the front lines, I have witnessed unimaginable cruelty and depravity against man’s best friend. My desire for a cruelty-free and sustainable world drives my purpose. China’s unchecked behavior has gone on too long, and change is in order now!”

Today, the whole world is suffering, experiencing first-hand how catastrophic the side effects of these markets can be globally. Communism in China has the country in such poverty that they are threatening the global population with contamination, not just theirs, alone. There are better ways to feed a large population of people. The planet will continue to suffer from this negligence until other countries stop letting China continue operating wet markets. Pandemics, like the COVID-19 supervirus, will repeat unless change happens now.

To get behind the cause and learn more about No Dogs Left Behind, please visit

Founded in 2016 by American Jeffrey Beri, No Dogs Left Behind is a registered 501(3)(c) dedicated to exposing the dog trafficking crisis that plagues Asian countries, primarily China. 15 to 20 million dogs are bred, bought, trafficked, and slaughtered each year, in order to meet the demands of the dog meat and fur markets. No Dogs Left Behind’s specialty is emergency response evacuation and rescue. Emergency response consists of slaughterhouse shutdowns, dog truck interceptions, and wet/live market evacuations, where dogs are awaiting slaughter for immediate sale. Jeffrey Beri and his team of brave activists have conducted 22 emergency response missions in the last four years. Thousands of dogs have been rescued and hundreds have remained in the care of No Dogs Left Behind.

In addition to emergency response missions, No Dogs Left Behind is steadfast in the fight and exposure to end Yulin. Yulin is an annual Dog Meat Festival that occurs each June and is conducted at a live dog market, where dogs are publicly tortured with unimaginable cruelty. Participants consume the dogs in the belief their meat will bring about mythical powers of great fortune, advancement, and other bizarre non-truths. 10 to 15 thousand dogs are sacrificed during Yulin each year. It has been going on for over a decade, with no end in sight!

All survivors who end up in the care of No Dogs Left Behind are treated in our mass treatment protocols, which have over a 90 percent survival rate. After treatment, survivors spend time at one of our three sanctuaries in China located in Beijing, Dayi and Gongyi. During this time, the dogs learn to socialize and recover emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. After treatment, dogs are placed for adoption on our website.

The micro-spectrum of the No Dogs Left Behind mission is rescuing dogs from the dog trafficking market in China; however, the larger macro-spectrum is an exposure of animal rights violations and a fight for animal welfare laws for which there are none. China’s outdated view of animal welfare is not acceptable in a modern world. Change is in order, and it must happen now!

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