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Ghana and Africa Celebrate in Bergen,Norway

10 March 2007 at 07:48 | 534 views

By Mohamed Boye Jallo Jamboria

It is celebration week for Ghanaians and of course all Africans world wide. An elaborate programme involving the entire black race in every land started on Tuesday, 6th March and will culminate in festivals, dances and similar events over the weekend.

In the Hordaland region of the kingdom of Norway, the Ghanaian association organised similar activities that began with a four-hour seminar involving three speakers in the auditorium of the St.Pauls school on the campus of the University of Bergen (UIB).

The speakers’ topics dealt with keys issues like the role of women in the fishing sector with regards reinvestment and credit financing in Ghana; a broad overview of the past in terms of the political economy of Ghana over fifty years and postulations into the future; Ghana as the first of all colonised Africa’s independent nation-states, the rise of pan-africanism-challenges and perspectives,and the way forward.

Speakers at this well attended seminar were a Norwegian lady lecturer and exchange student from the UIB, Ragnhild Overa; a Ghanaian lecturer and geographer and a teacher, Emmanuel Babatunde; a trade unionist, journalist and pan-africanist, Mohamed Boye Jallo Jamboria.

The University of Bergen has had an exchange programme with the University of Ghana over the last ten or more years and has had students doing research in the various faculties and schools in Ghana, whilst students from Ghana have also had the opportunity to study at the UIB.

The celebration programme will end on Saturday with a cultural show and dance in Bergen. It is expected that Africans and other nationals with links to Ghana will attend what promises to be a showcase event of and for Ghana and Africa.

Photo;Andrew Kenneth Esselfie,Chairman of the Ghana association in Bergen.