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Death of Ghanaian woman baffles police

16 July 2006 at 21:05 | 609 views

By Abu B. Shaw, London Vanguard Bureau Chief

The Metropolitan police are spending sleepless nights to unravel the
identification of a mysterious Ghanaian woman found dead recently in London.

The African community and the public in general have been called upon to help police in their investigations.

Investigations in to this mysterious death have not yielded the desired results irrespective of the frantic public appeal launched by London police
to help identify the deceased. It is a very worrying situation especially for the Ghanaian Community in Croydon.

Police have confirmed that the woman’s death was suspiciously linked to a high intake of drugs. She is believed to have swallowed more than 60 packages of what was thought to be cocaine.

The woman was found by a hospital porter in excruciating pain close to St
Helier Hospital in Carshalton in Surrey on Monday May 29. She was given
medical attention at the hospital. No form of identification papers and
jewellery were found on the deceased, according to the police.

Reports also confirmed how she told doctors that she had flown in from Ghana
to London Heathrow airport earlier that fateful morning. It was confirmed
the flight was en route to Amsterdam. The woman gave her name as Mary Kofi
and was reported to have spoken fluent English in Ghanaian accent.

Police say she wore a very distinctive and flamboyant red print dress and
silver shoes when found. She had wavy black hair that appeared to have
extensions with slight tints of red. The deceased is believed to be in her late 40s.

London police are keen to speak to anyone who knew her or any passenger who
travelled with her that fateful morning. The public has also been asked to
come forward if anyone had seen the deceased in Wrythe Lane between Welbeck
Road and Robertsbridge Road in Sutton at about 1pm on Bank Holiday, May 29.

Photo: Mr. Annan Arkyin Cato, Ghana’s High Commissioner to Britain.