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Book Review: Bayou Days

5 May 2009 at 00:35 | 993 views

By T. Alpha Lebbie. Boston,USA.

Bayou Days-A novel by Dr. Mohamed Gbow Sherrif.

The novel Bayou Days is written by the Sierra Leonean , Mohamed Gbow Sherrif. The novel depicts the story or experiences of a Sierra Leonean foreign student in the USA. From discontinuing his university education at FBC,to restarting same in Chicago and then at BAYOU in Louisiana before the great floods(Katrina).

The story is narrated in the 3rd person singular. The hero is Ahmad — a young Saleonean student who sojourns to the west in pursuit of higher education. Hardship,doubts, loss of most dear ones,including parents in far away Sierra Leone, and closest friend in Chicago ,shows the anguish and feelings of loneliness when everything else, except education falls asunder.

In spite of the trials and tribulations ;steeled hope and discipline garnered from experiences@ a regimented Bo School made Ahmad forge ahead. Made friends and even an American mother to him and all his friends who landed in Chicago in the late 90s.
In chapter 5, the novel depicts the typical black American family of Louisiana. Ahmad ,as a doctoral and research student made friends with one of his students, who introduced him to his family. The open reception, exchange of ideas , curiosity on both sides to know each other make a fine reading. The black sophisticated family consist of Lawyers, doctors and even the inept,who equally respect each other @ family gatherings, much to Ahmad’s surprise.

This novel is an atypical story of the African immigrant in today’s USA.

The author, Mohamed Sherrif is 43 years old and holds a B.A.; B.S.; M.S. ; and PhD degrees in Chemistry. He teaches Chemistry in the city colleges of Chicago.

His current passion is to publish authentic Sierra Leonean writings, regardless of genre. He is the founder of ATLANTIC BOOKS PUBLISHING.

Photo credit: Mohamed Gbow Sheriff. Sierra Leone web.