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APC-USA convention August 13, 2016

By  | 24 June 2016 at 02:36 | 1241 views

A few weeks from now, on August 13, 2016, the APC branch in the the United States of America, the largest or the branch with the highest number of All People’s Congress (APC) supporters outside Sierra Leone would elect a new Chairman, a highly prestigious position.

In an exclusive interview, Ibrahim Kamara (photo), the soft-spoken current APC-USA interim Chairman told me on the phone from his Washington base that plans are far advanced to receive the delegation from Freetown which will preside over the convention and subsequent election.

That delegation will comprise of big names in the party hierarchy like APC Deputy Leader Minkailu Mansaray, APC National Secretary-General Alhaji Osman Yansaneh, Transport Minister Logus Koroma and others.

Interim Chairman Kamara said the convention will be held at a venue in New Jersey (possibly at a hotel with enough space) and that party members had to recently vote to choose between New Jersey and Houston for the host of the convention and New Jersey won. Another reason New Jersey was chosen was that it is neutral ground; that state has no candidate or aspirant for the position of Chairman of the branch.

Kamara said three leading aspirants have so far emerged for the leadership of the branch. They are Joseph Kamara of Washington DC, Unisa Kanu of Atlanta, Georgia and Ahmed Kanu of Ohio.

The electoral process will be handled by an accreditation committee and voting will be done by delegates from all the APC chapters in the USA. Some chapters will have more delegates than others because of their numerical strength, interim chairman Kamara explained.

Meanwhile the APC branch in Canada is gearing up to receive the visitors from Freetown in August after the APC convention in America. That will be the first time some APC supporters in Canada would see and interact with party officials and Ministers from their native country since the party returned to power in 2007. Details on that later.

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