APC supporters will never rape women

20 March 2009 at 18:14 | 810 views

By Abdul Bero Kamara (Chief), USA.

The SLPP media are currently disseminating a rumor that is not only baseless, and unfounded, but is diabolical in nature and disgraceful to the entire Sierra Leonean population.

The SLPP media are reporting that APC supporters raped SLPP women during the clash on Friday 13th 2009. This is an evil strategy dangerously employed by JJ Blood Saffa and John Benjamin to insult, tarnish, and smear the image of the people of Sierra Leone and the name of the APC party, in order to win sympathy from women. What a cheap method!

It must sink in the minds of peace and progress loving Sierra Leoneans that the failed SLPP and its scribes are working out a scheme to distract the minds of Sierra Leoneans from appreciating and supporting the progress our nation is experiencing under the noble stewardship of the APC government of Dr. Ernest B. Koroma.

I am confident that APC supporters, a fraction of the people of Sierra Leone do not condone such anti social acts not to mention raping anyone, and if at all, any rape did occur. I believe JJ Blood and John Benjamin could have orchestrated it by instructing their thugs to commit this heinous crime, and then try to put it on the APC supporters.

It is certain that no one in the APC will support or engage in any despicable and gruesome act like raping of women-who are our mothers and sisters. I am certain the leadership of the APC will support the justice system to prosecute and impose the highest penalty of the land on any man that rapes a woman regardless of their political support.

Those who know the real history of APC can attest to the fact that the core fabrics and pillars of the party are women, and it is true that APC will lose its power and flavor without the vehement support and blessings of our women. Besides, the truth of the matter is raping of women is not a characteristic of the APC party, a grassroots party.

We in APC hold every Sierra Leonean woman to the highest esteem. It is under this background that I am confident APC supporters can put their life on the line to defend, and protect the dignity and respect of our mothers and sisters of Sierra Leone.

It is against this backdrop that I want to challenge the rape allegation circulated like a wild fire by the SLPP propaganda machine. Until they bring forward substantial evidence that APC supporters did rape supporters of the SLPP their credibility will always be challenged.

Moreover, because of the sensitivity and complexity of the allegation it is germane to ask those convinced that SLPP supporters were raped to provide answers to the following questions:

1. How would it be possible for a woman to be raped under a hostile environment such as the one that occurred on Friday 13th at the SLPP office? Where exactly in the building did the rape take place?

2. At what time were these women raped, and who saw it? What did the police do at the scene? Were any arrests made? Are there any cameras in the building?

3. Additionally because of the magnitude of a rape crime it is imperative to ask SLPP propagandists to further answer the following questions: Where any semen, hair, broken ornament, mark of struggle, any impression on the victim’s body, any mark of struggle on any part of the body of the accused such as on palms and knees found?

4. Did the police do anything to preserve the crime scene, and did the police take any evidence and notes on the scene such as mark of violence or stains on the victim’s body, bleeding and discharge from the genitals, pain or laceration of the genitals, difficulty in passing urine or walking etc. More importantly, does the Medical Examiner have any evidence to confirm that APC supporters raped these alleged victims?

Again, until the SLPP furnish the public with answers to the above questions, they must withdraw all reports on the rape allegation.

5. Finally, I want the world to know that the SLPP media are not credible media, and their primary agenda is to incite violence, discourage foreign investment opportunities, and to tarnish the image of the APC and Sierra Leone.

Furthermore, the SLPP media are anti-development media, waging war against the people of Sierra Leone. “Nar Salone witch” working to destroy and hold back the people of Sierra Leone from progress and development.

They will always rejoice when they hear about mishaps in our country. They will never publish anything good about Sierra Leone. Only the SLPP media pride themselves in passing on false information that the US Embassy has issued a Security and Travel alert on Sierra Leone.

To prove them wrong, you need to check the Embassy’s web site @ and you will be surprised to find out that there is no security or travel alert. Bravo to the APC party, our President, and the people of Sierra Leone. At last, we can now be delighted of a functional US Embassy. No more Abidjan. No more Dakar.

Finally, I would like to bring to the attention of those who read the SLPP media to know that you are being misinformed and brain washed every single day. There are so many evidences to back my claim, which I will release eventually. If I may ask, is this not an act of conspiracy to sabotage both the economic and political climate in Sierra Leone? You be the judge.