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African Union: AU is for Gold

27 September 2006 at 02:24 | 562 views

By Abayomi Charles Roberts,Edmonton, Canada

Go, Africa, Go! Go for gold
AU is for gold; for yours is of gold.
That about which has much been told
Of forebears proud and bold

How we strive to barely survive
No grain to sow; to live, we borrow
Not true poverty; just mean deprivation
Amid flora, fauna; plus gold and stones that glow

Conquerors have come and gone
Now displaced, we are so ’visible’
We strenuously abide; waiting for our turn
But there’s the Big Man herald; our cry inaudible

There are those on Mission Noble
With gifts and sturdy strings to pull
Schemed to fit feet that hobble
So good from afar; so far from good

Dedicated to:
Victims of Darfur, in Sudan, and all sincere helpers;
especially African Union (AU) troops on the ground.