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A suitcase full of dried fish

10 August 2015 at 07:00 | 1205 views

After the breakout success of his debut narrative The Past, Current and Future State of African and Caribbean Writing and Publishing (Ayebia, 2011), Sierra Leonean-Canadian writer Bakar Mansaray (photo) returns with even more enduring tales of perseverance, love, injustice, war, and the desire for money.

In A Suitcase Full of Dried Fish and other stories, the writer delves deeper into the secrets of online dating, the trial of a migrant, a polygamous household and a glimpse of life after death.

We follow the writer as he weaves stories ranging from the harrowing slum of Katakoumbay to the comforts of the developed world. Distinctively and splendidly adventurous, romantic, historical, and funny, this collection of twelve stories investigates the complexities in human relationships. It is, however, a timely exposť on the joys and disillusionment of post-independent Africa and the Caribbean.

The stories show that even in the midst of adversity, much can be achieved with and much can also be lost where there is no forgiveness.

This amazing book will be out for sale in September 2015 at book shops and stores in Canada, USA and UK. Online sales at and

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