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A Dying Breed

17 May 2023 at 20:00 | 3515 views

A Dying Breed

By Papa Ray, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Physicist of the
highest calibre,
Resident on our
local Olympus
for decades;
to serve academia,
Fourah Bay College
the long-standing
Education has
given up some gems,
Seconded for residence
in history
and memory.
Sierra Leone salutes
your service,
Observes with pain
your earthly exit,
your contribution
with deep appreciation.

Vital to the health
of the human mind,
Illumination travels
via disciplines.
Dedicated to yours
as blood to veins,
you demanded
to the finest detail,
of long-standing
tenure and impact.

indeed a deity
among physicists,
Mentor of mentees
in a rare discipline.
My mind is on legs
retracing years,
Admiring Professors,
on sacred Mount
Now reunited
in the great beyond,
Unhinged fromTime
into Eternity.
Educators, a vital
natural cog
for quality,
Land that we love,
craves your breed.

Great investor in
our nation’s
mental assets,
Our times crave
mental cultivation.
Devotion, discipline,
diligence and dedication,
Will sustain the flames
of excellence,
In your memory,
and that of your
predeceased breed,
Nations beyond
will join in your honour.
Rest In Peace.
( Papa Ray)